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Chinatown Escort is a reputable escort agency in Kuala Lumpur. We are an out-call escort agency providing professional, efficient and affordable escort services. We have a superior range of escorts from all over Asia (China, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam). Our girls are beautiful, young and clean while our service discreet. Our prices are transparent with no hidden cost thus making us the ultimate choice when you need a companion. Contact us when you are in Kuala Lumpur and we guarantee your stay is pleasurable and memorable.

  • Great variety.
  • Immediate delivery.
  • Best rate (no hidden cost).
  • Safety and privacy assured as we deliver to hotel / house.
  • We accept foreign currencies.
  • 12pm - 6am (365 days).


We deliver to all districts in Kuala Lumpur including airports (KLIA & LCCT) and Genting Highlands.

Delivery time for Kuala Lumpur town center is 30 minutes while for outskirts is 60 minutes. It may take slightly longer during peak hours. Estimated delivery for airports and Genting Highlands is 80 minutes.

Refer to hotel list if you need help with accommodation in Kuala Lumpur.

Transport Fees

If you are located in town center delivery is FREE. If you are out of town there is a small transport fee payable depending on your location.

Operation Hours

We operate daily from 12pm - 6am. Contact us during our operation hours if you wish to place an order. Advance reservation is not required as we deliver immediately. Please do not SMS as we need to take down your order and details.

Out-Call Agency Advantages

Our business model is unique because it offer unparalleled safety, privacy and comfort. By choosing your own venue (hotel / house) safety and privacy is assured. When engaging out-call escort agencies like Chinatown Escort one need not worry about embarrassing situations of bumping into neighbors or colleagues. The other advantage offered by Chinatown Escort is that we have packages of various durations which you will not find in health centers or brothels. As for variety, we have access to 300+ escorts from all over Asia (China, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam) and their ages are 18-25.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

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